.Miami available October 2nd
Miami - because we live in .miami, not .com


If you have a general question, why not try checking out our FAQ’s first? If it is for another reason, please use the contact email addresses below:

For general questions

For sales

For media enquiries

If you would like to lodge a complaint about a registrar, please send an email to mailto:complaints@my.miami and put the following in the subject of the email: “Registrar Complaint”.

If you would like to lodge a general complaint, please send an email to mailto:complaints@my.miami.

We will investigate your complaint and in the course of this we may pass the content of your complaint to the registrar in question. Depending on the nature of your complaint we may also pass it to the relevant law enforcement agencies. We may also ask you to sign a declaration that the information you supplied is correct. We endeavour to respond within 7 days to any complaints received.