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Miami - because we live in .miami, not .com

Frequently Asked Questions

About .MIAMI

Why register a Dot MIAMI domain name?
Having a Dot MIAMI address opens new opportunities for all – from individuals, to small enterprises to major corporations – to associate themselves directly with Miami.

A Dot MIAMI address:

  • Clearly tells consumers and customers where you are and that your content is relevant to them
  • Offers the opportunity for a memorable and distinctive web address
  • Enables closer association with Miami’s brand and global reputation
  • A short, memorable Dot MIAMI domain appearing in search results will appeal to users and signpost local, relevant content. This can increase SEO and click-through rates from search results.

How much does it cost?
Different registrars – companies like GoDaddy – charge different amounts. A normal Dot MIAMI name is likely to cost about $20 per year. Certain high-value premium names will cost more.

Who can buy a Dot MIAMI domain name?
Anyone can buy one or many Dot Miami domain names.

How can I get a Dot MIAMI domain name?
Any official ICANN registrar who has signed the .MAIMI contract can sell .MIAMI names. A full list of is available here .

How will the proceeds from Dot MIAMI be used?
A substantial portion of proceeds from the sale of .MIAMI names go the City of Miami to improve the life of all Miamians.


What is a domain name?
A Domain name is the technical term for an Internet address, such as www.example.miami. When you register a name, you are registering the “example.miami” part of the domain name. Once you register it, it’s yours for as long as you want as long as you continue to renew it with your registrar.

What is Dot MIAMI?
Dot MIAMI is the new TLD for Miami and Miamians. Businesses, organizations, communities and individuals can register www.yourwebsite.miami domain names to associate themselves with Miami. Dot MIAMI is operated by Minds + Machines, a major operator of new TLDs, including several geographical TLDs including .LONDON.

What is a Top Level Domain (TLD)?
A TLD is the portion of a domain name that sits to the right of the last dot. In www.example.miami, “miami” is the TLD.

Is .MIAMI the only new TLD?
No, more than 1000 new TLDs are being launched to offer wider choice and relevance. The first few went live in February 2014. The new TLDs include geographic names such as .LONDON for London and .NYC for New York, as well as more generic terms such as .work or .fit. ICANN, the Internet naming body, has allowed organizations to secure new TLDs to offer Internet users greater consumer choice and opportunities for innovation. In addition, good website addresses in existing domains such as .com are difficult to get due to the high number of already registered domain names.

After October 2, 2015, you may have some other questions!
Why is the domain name I want showing as unavailable on my registrar’s website?

There are a number of reasons a Dot MIAMI domain name might be listed as unavailable

  • Some names are premium names may not be offered by your registrar. In order to purchase a premium name you may need to visit a different registrar.
  • Certain names have been blocked by ICANN, the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers, for technical reasons. You can find a more detailed explanation of why this is necessary here.
  • In line with Dot MIAMI’s Naming Policy, a number of domain names have also been reserved that relate to the cultural, political, and historic life of Miami.

Why are there premium/more expensive names?
Certain domain names carry a higher value than others, just like real estate prices. These names are sold at a higher price. If the price of these valuable names was set at a lower level, they might be registered by speculators to be re-sold, and Miami would lose out on this revenue.


What are the terms and conditions of Dot MIAMI?
The main aim of our terms and conditions is to create a TLD that businesses, organizations, communities and individuals want to use for their websites. Our policies are there to ensure that the Dot MIAMI domain is a quality neighborhood where businesses and people with websites can thrive. Websites infringing our terms and conditions may be taken down and our terms and conditions are there to help prevent illegal activities from occurring in the first place.

The main policies are:

  • Acceptable Use Policy, which governs how you can use Dot MIAMI and which activities are prohibited
  • Naming Policy, which explains who can register Dot MIAMI domain names and the format these names take
  • Privacy and Data Policy, which explains how we are treating the data that you provide when you register for a Dot MIAMI domain name.

How will you handle illegal content and activities?
At the core of our operating principles is the prevention and reduction of spamming, phishing and cybersquatting websites and other illegal activities. Significant planning has gone into the development of best-practice policies to this achieve this end. These types of activities are explicitly banned under our policies and any violation of these can result in suspension and take-back of the web address.

Please see our Acceptable Use Policy for a detailed overview of prohibited content and activities.


How can I make a complaint?
That depends on the nature of the complaint. For complaints relating to the infringement of the Dot MIAMI policies, please contact the Abuse Point of Contact and we or your registrar will act on it.

For complaints relating to intellectual property rights infringements, ICANN has established a number of measures to deal with this. These are the Uniform Rapid Suspension System or the Uniform Domain Resolution Procedure.

Somebody registered my business name. What can I do?
If you believe your intellectual property rights have been infringed, ICANN has established a number of measures to deal with this. These are the Uniform Rapid Suspension System or the Uniform Domain Resolution Procedure.

I have an issue with my registrar over my .MIAMI address?
Please contact the customer service of your registrar in the first instance. If no solution can be found this way, please send an email to support@my.miami with details of the correspondence with the registrar.

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